Friday, March 03, 2006

A Baby Story

Stop thinking that I am pregnant immediately! Sicko's!!! This is not about my baby story but to confess my mild obsession with the TLC program by this name. This show is to me a bit like a train wreck. I have to admit that it at once freaks me right out and makes me scared to have children but I'm fascinated and I continue to Tivo every showing. It's unexplainable really.

Plus let's give credit where credit is due. TLC invented reality TV, they do it so well and I for one can't get enough.


Kelli France said...

(Hope you don't mind me reading your blog. I saw the link on Lacy's blog) If we had cable I'd be watching this one everyday too. I even admit that I cry when the baby is born. I watched it obsessively when I was prego with Savannah and so I thought I would be like those moms who cry when the baby's born but the first thing I said when she was born was, "That's SO weird!" Sentimental isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I must admit my own obsession with this show, although I actually have to fast forward through the parts that look the least bit painful, which is pretty much the last 10 minutes of the show. Yikes! I'm not into all that pain and suffering.

Lindsay said...

I love that the France family has discovered my Blog. I also love to discover closet lovers of the baby story like myself!