Friday, March 10, 2006

A Shout Out To A Sick Sis

Yesterday Syd had her wisdom teeth out and as one would expect it was highly traumatic. I hied myself over to Penee and H's last night after work to console the poor child. She was most miserable and considering that I just got an IM from her reading, " come here i'm bored and in pain" I'm making the assumption that things aren't any better.

Though I do fail to see how one could help but be cheered by watching HB as he suggested a date idea, Booty Charades, and the proceded to perform for Danny Arnett the delights that only Booty Charades can bring. Maybe Syd could suggest a rousing round now to dispel her boredom. In any case this shout out goes out to my Sis Sydnee. Here's hoping that you feel better very soon.


Kim said...

Oh! I love Syd! I feel your pain! Get better soon! If I still lived down there I would bring you a Jamba Juice!