Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dear Mr. Cadbury,

This post is to address a topic most vexing. As you know Easter is right around the corner. You can tell this by the fact that Walmart has put out all their Easter candy.
Now I know I am not alone here in the understanding that Easter candy is by far the superior candy of all the holidays.

I present for your consideration the following facts about Easter candy's greatness;

At Easter time they produce Starburst jellybeans, a most delicious concoction.
Chocolate bunnies also make an appearance, the sort that can cause a family incident (ask Dana and Lacy if you do not know to what I am referring).

But the true love of my heart, the candy I wait and long for all year round, are of course Cadbury mini eggs. One has only to try them once to find yourself uttering the words famously spoken by Frank the Tank, "Once it hits your lips, it's so good".

There is just one problem I have been scouring the Valley to find this little delight. Now you'd think this would not be a problem. I mean everyone has their Easter candy out after all. But since my search began I've become puzzled. How is it that I can find peeps, the nastiest Easter candy in abundance but not a mini egg to be found? Not at Walmart, Target or Albertson's. I mean what are they thinking? You'll stock a Peep but not a mini egg? It just seem ridiculous! I have to admit I feel much as a gamer must have felt with all that Xbox 360 madness. It seems almost as if it's some conspiracy to drive up cadbury's stock.

But praise and accolades go out to my Auntie Kathleen for coming through in the clutch. She located a bag of these delicious treats at her local Macey's. She generously agreed to share them with me for which I will be eternally grateful.

Moral of this story-If you chance upon a bag of Cadbury mini eggs snatch them up with haste. Might I also suggest that you start your search at Macey's to save your self much heart ache and frustration.


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading this post aloud to my co-worker, Jessica, who is Bono-identity-challenged, and sure enough--she knew what a cadbury mini egg is.

lacy lee said...

Aaaahhhhh, Cadbury mini eggs.....

Anonymous said...

KA, give your Bono-identity-challenged co-worker two more hints: His first name was Sonny and he also sang, "The Beat Goes On."

KA said...

This is about baby steps, ld. I can't overwhelm the poor girl all at once. Why can't we just revel in the small victories?

PJC said...

I was just going to suggest going to Macey's. I found the mini eggs there in February! I couldn't believe it. I, too, have a love for them. I love the crunch of the shell, and the creamy chocolate inside. I also love the colors of the mini eggs (especially that purple-blue one). Go Mini-eggs!